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Training Programmes



Venue:  National Institute of Fisheries Post Harvest Technology and Training,   Fine Arts Avenue, Kochi - 16


2. Canning of Seafoods


1 week


Course Objective and Course out line:

The course aims at providing practical and theoretical training on all aspects of commercial level canning of various seafoods in different denominations of cans.

The course consists of modules of theory on general canning procedure and practical of various canned seafood preparations at a commercial level and its quality estimation procedures.


Course content:

1.   Tuna canning

2.   Mackerel/Sardine canning

3.   Oyster canning

4.   Quality estimation of canned products


Course fees:

 Rs.1000/- per head


Target Group:

Graduate and under graduate students from universities.

Young entrepreneurs.

Technical personnel from the industry.


Group Size:

10 - 15