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About Us /

Processing & Marketing Division

The Activities of the Division are:

  1. All post harvest operations of sea fish to turn it into edible products and by products.
  2. Popularisation of processed fish products.
  3. Research and Development activities in value added product development.
  4. Consultancy to fish processing industry.
  5. Training in post harvest operations.
  6. Quality assurance.

The work in the division is organised into:

1. Processing Section
2. Marketing Section
3. Research and Development and Training Section3.                                           Statistical section




About Us / Processing & Marketing Division /
1. Processing Section

This is factory unit consists of various plants such as:

a. Freezing Plant
b. Drying Plant
c. Canning Plant
d. Value addition Plant
e. By-products Plant


About Us / Processing & Marketing Division /
1. Marketing Section

The main activities of this section are:

  1. Receipt of fish landed by the vessels of the Project and those of sister organisations.
  2. Procurement of adequate type and quantity of raw materials from open market for Product development.
  3. Popularisation of processed fish products within the country.
  4. Pilot scale of export of value added products for demonstrating commercial feasibility.

The section seeks to achieve these objectives through maintaining four departmental outlets and operating a fleet of mobile marketing units with consisting of three insulated, one refrigerated and one catering vehicles.

The section also sells products through a net work of dealers.

The section regularly participates in exhibitions and fairs by setting up stalls for product popularisation.


About Us / Processing & Marketing Division /
1. Research and Development and Training Section

The section attends to developing new products and trained manpower in post harvest technology and assurance of fish product quality. A Fish Processing Technician course of 6 months duration and are apprenticeship training of one year duration for candidates passing out the Vocational Higher Secondary stream are regularly conducted. In situ temperature monitoring of cold storages and freezing systems is achieved through computerised sensors and printers. Section also interacts with its research findings through seminars and media.


         About Us / Processing & Marketing Division
4.    Statistical Section

        This section is responsible for collection, classification, analysis, storage and             dissemination of data generated by the operating divisions. Besides it acts as nodal section for introduction of Management Information System (MIS) in the Project and uplinking the Project with the administrative Ministry and other sister organisations.







About Us

2. Processing & Marketing Division -

1. Processing Section -

(a) [Freezing Plant ] / (b) [ Drying Plant ] / (c) [ Canning Plant ] / (d) [ Value addition Plant ] / (e) [ By-products Plant ]

2. Marketing Section  /
3. Research and Development and Training Section / Statistical section

3.  Engineering Division -

3. Refrigeration Section / 4. Electronic& Electrical Section / 5. Design Section7. Civil Works Section

4. Administrative Division
5. Visakhapatnam Unit of IFP

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