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About Us

The Institute has its Head Quarters in Cochin and a unit  in Visakhapatnam.
The Head Quarters is situated in 3.15 hectors area along the Cochin back waters adjacent to Cochin Ship Yard Ltd. The Institute has a jetty with a total berthing length of 84 m .

Current  Objectives   

  1. Value added product development by way of process and product diversification from all varieties of fish including low value, unconventional species and seasonally abundant fishes.

  2. Technology development and transfer to beneficiaries consisting of rural fishermen community, small scale industries and Export Processing Houses through consultancy and job work.

  3. Imparting training in the field of post harvest technology, refrigeration technology, Quality control and value added products.

  4. Providing consultancies and training for rural development programmes / women empowerment programmes in fish processing, supporting local fish farmers, self help groups of fisher community, fishermen’s cooperative societies functioning under Panchayath Raj Institution.

  5. Popularisation and test marketing of value added products of all fish varieties including low value, unconventional species and seasonally abundant fishes.

  6. Extension of the activity of popularization and test marketing of value added products to new areas and develop markets in all states in a phased manner with added attention to rural areas and enthusing entrepreneurs to enter into sea food processing industry.


Fish Processing Complex with most modern fish processing & freezing plant of 5200 Sq.m., a canning plant, drying plant, tunnel freezer, plate freezers, chill rooms, flake ice plant and 3 cold storages.    

Quality Assurance Laboratory with facilities for microbiological and biochemical quality assessment of frozen, dried, canned and value added products.

Marketing wing effects the procurement of raw materials from department vessels of sister organizations and the fishermen co-op. societies for marketing of products through retail outlets and Mobile units in rural areas and through  a network of dealers in all metropolis.  The Section also conducts consumer response surveys and creates market on test & trial basis for the novel products introduced by the Project from time to time.

Training Section with well-qualified & experienced faculty members, audio visual equipped class rooms and a well stocked library to cater to the training needs in Post Harvest Technology and related subjects.  

Refrigeration Section with Cold storages, freezing plants & ice plant to support processing & marketing activities.  

Civil Section for maintenance of the entire infrastructure and water front and for consultancy works in fisheries infrastructure.             

A regional base at Vizag with freezing plant complex with tunnel freezer, cold rooms, plate freezers, machineries & equipments for processing and class rooms for conducting training.  

Personnel :    The present posted strength of the employees on the regular rolls of NIFPHATT, Cochin and Vizag (as on 31.03.2008) is 137 of which  1   belongs to Group A (Gazetted) and rest belonging to Group B Gazetted and Group B Non-Gazetted, C and D.


The Shore Structure includes:

2. Processing & Marketing Division

3. Marine Engineering Division

4. Administrative Division

5. Visakhapatnam Unit of NIFPHATT


About Us

2. Processing & Marketing Division -

1. Processing Section -

(a) [Freezing Plant ] / (b) [ Drying Plant ] / (c) [ Canning Plant ] / (d) [ Value addition Plant ] / (e) [ By-products Plant ]

2. Marketing Section  /
3. Research and Development and Training Section / Statistical section

3. Engineering Division -

3. Refrigeration Section / 4. Electronic& Electrical Section / 5. Design Section7. Civil Works Section

4. Administrative Division
5. Visakhapatnam Unit of NIFPHATT

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